2021 Candidate Questionnaire

As a public service, Healthy Dearborn issued a candidate survey to the candidates for the upcoming City of Dearborn election.

All candidates were given the opportunity to weigh in on 4 specific questions related to their policy positions, knowledge, and experience.

The survey questions and links to candidates’ responses (if received) follow.

Beaumont Health and/or Beaumont's Healthy Dearborn Coalition does not endorse any candidates.
This questionnaire was provided to all candidates available from June 3- June 25, 2021.

The Primary Election will be on Tuesday, August 3rd 2021


  1. Healthy Dearborn is a vibrant community coalition that has partnered with the City of Dearborn since 2015 to create a culture of health in Dearborn by working to reduce health disparities through active living and healthy eating strategies. For more on Healthy Dearborn, please visit our website: https://www.healthydearborn.org/. How do you see your Mayoral administration or Dearborn’s City Council working with Healthy Dearborn? And what specific ideas do you have for implementing Healthy Dearborn initiatives?

  2. What do you see as Dearborn’s biggest health challenges and Dearborn’s biggest health assets? How can we best leverage our assets to address our challenges?

  3. Do you believe that "Health in all Policies," which is the use of health assessment tools to guide decisions on major civic projects and policy decisions, should be implemented in Dearborn? Please explain why, either way.

  4. Dearborn’s Multimodal Transportation Plan (MMTP) (https://walkbike.info/dearborn/) was developed with significant community involvement, including Healthy Dearborn, and was adopted by the Dearborn City Council on October 6, 2020. How do you see the implementation of the MMTP fitting into your community health priorities as (City Council Member) or (Mayor)?

Mayor Candidates' Responses

Hussein Berry

Susan Dabaja

Abdullah Hammoud

Jim Parrelly did not respond

Thomas Patrick Tafelski did not respond

Kalette Shari Willis

Gary Woronchak did not respond

City Council Candidates' Responses

Ziad Abdulmalik did not respond

Robert A. Abraham

Jonathon Akkari

Saeid Mashgari Alawathi did not respond

Kamal Alsawafy

Houda Berri did not respond

Erin Byrnes

Silvio Davis did not respond

Kamel Elkadri

Lola Elzein

Gary Enos

Khodr Farhat

Mustapha Hammoud

Leslie C. Herrick

Sam Luqman did not respond

Khalil Othman did not respond

Ken Paris

Michael T. Sareini