Leadership and Advisory

Healthy Dearborn is led by a volunteer coalition comprised of a diverse community members. Key participants that serve on the steering committee are:

Ali Baleed Almaklani

Resident & Executive Director, Yemeni American Benevolent Association

Kathleen Pepin

Resident, Director of Facilities Planning, University of Michigan- Dearborn

Carmel Price

Resident & Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Michigan - Dearborn

Lila Amen

Resident, District Community Liaison, Dearborn Public Schools

Danene Charles

Coordinator for Affective Education, Dearborn Public Schools

Mona Abdallah-Hijazi

Community Engagement Manager, Community Coalition ACCESS

David Norwood

Resident & Coordinator for Sustainability, City of Dearborn

Richard Simek

Resident, Program Supervisor, Natural Areas Manager, Environmental Interpretive Center, University of Michigan - Dearborn

Dennis Archamabault

Vice President, Public Affairs, Authority Health

Sanae Abbas

Resident, Para Professional, Dearborn Public Schools

Dorothy McLeer

Resident, Program Coordinator/ Interpretive Naturalist, Environmental Interpretive Center, University of Michigan -Dearborn

Timothy Harrison

Resident and President of Southwestern Outer Drive Neighborhood Association (SODA)

Glenn Savarese


Zahra Abbas


Donna Inch

Former Chair and CEO of Ford Motor Land Development Corporation

Susan Grasso

University of Michigan - Dearborn

Zahra Abbas