Healthy at Work


The purpose of the Healthy at Work Action Team is to support employers and employees in living well at work with information, tools and resources, in order to increase their access to, and convenience of, making healthy choices at work.


By 2020, create a more health conscious workforce in Dearborn through engaging 50 businesses with wellness program providers in Dearborn

Action Plan

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  1. Distribute survey amount HD coalition members and follow-up with survey respondents that express interest in workplace wellness by the end of 2019

  2. Increase business representation within Healthy at Work

  3. Conduct Healthy Dearborn Healthy Worksites networking forum with presentations aimed at raising awareness and providing examples of how to integrate wellness programming at worksites.

Action Team Contact: Craig Kotajarvi

Meeting: 12:00 pm - Second Tuesday of The Month

Notable Achievements

Action Team Meeting Minutes

2020 Action Team Meeting Minutes