Health Disparities / Health Equity


The purpose of the Health Disparities/Health Equity Action Team is to promote a culture of equity related to health and social justice for all Dearborn residents.

This action team plans to conduct focus groups and surveys to better understand the conditions and root causes underlying health inequities experienced by residents living in east and south Dearborn neighborhoods. These neighborhoods have large numbers of people of Middle Eastern descent. Because the U.S. Census has no separate category for people from the Middle East or North Africa, Arabs are currently defined as “White”. Thus, little data on health disparities among Arabs exists.

Check out The 500 Cities Report to see the Health Disparities in The City of Dearborn

500 Cities Report - Dearborn


Promote a culture of equity related to health and social justice within Dearborn.

Work Plan


  1. Ensure that Healthy Dearborn uses a lens of "equity" across ALL coalition goals and objectives.

  2. Ensure that Healthy Dearborn activities are accessible to all those who desire to participate. (September event will be one way to work towards achieving this goal)

  3. Ensure that Healthy Dearborn in an inclusive coalition and representative of our diverse community. members.

Action Team Contact: Chris Mayer

Action Team Meeting - 3rd Tuesday of each month
Breakout during monthly coalition meeting

Notable Achievements

Action Team Meeting Minutes

2021 Action Team Meeting Minutes