City Council Candidate Questionnaire

Robert A. Abraham

Healthy Dearborn is a vibrant community coalition that has partnered with the City of Dearborn since 2015 to create a culture of health in Dearborn by working to reduce health disparities through active living and healthy eating strategies. For more on Healthy Dearborn, please visit our website: How do you see your Mayoral administration or Dearborn’s City Council working with Healthy Dearborn? And what specific ideas do you have for implementing Healthy Dearborn initiatives? *

As a third-generation, lifetime, Dearborn resident I believe leadership and experience are required now more than ever! With 20 years of City Council experience, decades of experience as a CPA, Chief Financial Officer, and community service throughout Dearborn I bring the right mix of knowledge, dedication, and service to the Council. I will continue to strive for the highest quality city services, specifically the health and welfare of our residents as required by the City Charter! I am committed to making each neighborhood a safe and healthy place to live and work. This is my Hometown and remain committed to continuous improvements, progressive ideas, reinvestment in parks, recreation, sports, and the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center! Please Re-Elect Councilman Robert A. Abraham.

What do you see as Dearborn’s biggest health challenges and Dearborn’s biggest health assets? How can we best leverage our assets to address our challenges? *

Dearborn has many outstanding assets, services, programs, and activities for everyone from youth to seniors. The Ford Community and Performing Arts Center, combined with recreation fields, sport fields, indoor and outdoor pools, and a tremendous park system are the GOLD STANDARD in this area. If you live or work in Dearborn, you have access best recreation facilities in the State of Michigan. One of the biggest challenges in Dearborn is pollution: 1) air, 2) noise, 3) trash/litter, 4) light from businesses, and 5) traffic (speeding, dangerous driving, trucks, debris, etc.). Pollution must be confronted at the local level with a significant investment for increased enforcement and penalties for those responsible for disrupting our ability for enjoyment and quality of life in every single neighborhood. The Mayor and the City Council must work together to immediately correct these problems. Please Re-Elect Councilman Robert A. Abraham.

Do you believe that "Health in all Policies," which is the use of health assessment tools to guide decisions on major civic projects and policy decisions, should be implemented in Dearborn? Please explain why, either way. *

I remain open-minded to all new ideas and creative solutions to community issues. I am committed to continuously improving our city, while we adhere to the City Charter and State Regulations. This also means respecting the separation of powers for the local branches of government, and the Mayor’s duties and administrative responsibilities. All of which in my opinion are very important to a successful government. Sound policy making is a very important role in Dearborn’s government, however, the elected officials must use all available information, including Health, to make improvements, changes, and decisions for the best interest of the community. Please Re-Elect Councilman Robert A. Abraham.

Dearborn’s Multimodal Transportation Plan (MMTP) ( was developed with significant community involvement, including Healthy Dearborn, and was adopted by the Dearborn City Council on October 6, 2020. How do you see the implementation of the MMTP fitting into your community health priorities as City Council Member? *

Dearborn’s Multimodal Transportation Plan will be implemented as a priority of this City Council Member! However, the new Mayor, the Administration, and the City Council as a "body" will need to work together to budget and provide the resources required to move MMTP from Planning to Action. With 20 years of Council experience, I am the right person to work with the Mayor and Councilmembers to gain consensus, find financial resources, and bring this Plan to Reality in Dearborn. Please Re-Elect Councilman Robert A. Abraham.