Dearborn Healthy Streets.

Shared Spaces for Health

Overview Dearborn Healthy Streets Program

Healthy Dearborn is proposing to conduct a pilot program to adapt some city streets to become “Shared Streets” to promote healthy lifestyles. This program is being proposed in immediate response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but is expected to provide a community learning opportunity for longer term transportation planning.

What are Shared Streets?

Shared streets programs help all residents find safe, healthy ways to get outside, recreate, exercise and access essential services by providing greater access to public right of ways traditionally used for motor vehicle transportation. Shared streets programs are emerging as a nationwide trend during the COVID-19 pandemic which emphasizes the need for social distancing and healthy lifestyles.

Pilot - Proposed Dates*

April - May, 2021

Pilot - Proposed Shared Street Locations*

  1. Akron St. / Dale St. / Riverside Dr. (SE quadrant)

  2. Penn St. (SW quadrant)

  3. Diversey St. (NE quadrant)

  4. Wilson Ave. (NW quadrant)

*Locations and Dates subject to change

Planning Documents

Example of signage on shared street

Example from Chicago, IL

Example from Ann Arbor, MI