Healthy Foods


Unhealthy environments contribute to obesity and chronic diseases. Access to healthy foods is an integral part of a healthy environment. The 500 Cities Report published by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that residents living in east Dearborn census tract areas experience higher rates of food insecurity (and poverty) than residents living in the poorest neighborhoods of Detroit. Data also shows high rates of obesity and heart disease among those living in Dearborn.

The Healthy Foods Action Team focuses on ensuring that everyone has access to healthy foods and information about healthy diets.


By June, 2022, the City of Dearborn will support a culture of health that increases access to healthy foods and promotes healthy eating.

Action Plan

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  1. Implement a healthy nutrition initiative highlighting healthy meal options at aspiring restaurants, i.e., fast food chains.

  2. Support Seed Library

  3. Knowledge and support of healthy choices at grocery stores

Action Team Contact: Amanda Jaczkowski

Meeting: 1:00 pm - Second Friday of The Month

Notable Achievements

Healthy Restaurants

Seed Library

Action Team Meeting Minutes