Seed Library

The Seed Library operates out of the Henry Ford Centennial Library. The Seed Library is self-serve, and patrons can visit the library to sign up and borrow/return seeds anytime the library is open. Seeds are in a designated cabinet, along with educational brochures, flyers and pamphlets. 

While running the Seed Library in this manner may lead to a marginal annual loss of seeds each year, the focus of the Seed Library is not to maintain a steady seed stock, but rather to encourage gardening and the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, in order to promote better health. Additionally, individuals can save a good deal of money by participating in seed sharing. There is no cost involved, so this allows for all community members, regardless of their socio-economic station, to participate, gain skills in gardening and benefit from the program. Participation in seed libraries also can lead to increased knowledge about nutrition and provide a greater understanding of food sources. By creating this seed sharing library, we hope to encourage community engagement and improve access to healthy foods. Please realize that the returned seeds have been grown by amateurs, and that there is no guarantee.

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