City of Dearborn
Multimodal Plan

One of the Healthy Environments for Physical Activity Action Team's first projects, the Dearborn Multimodal Transportation Plan (MMTP) took several years to accomplish. An Advisory Committee, with representatives from across the city, was established in January 2018. Planning and community engagement took place during 2018 and 2019. Finally in October of 2020 the final plan was approved by the Dearborn City Council.

The City of Dearborn has been working to improve connectivity and transportation options for a number of years - however, this is Dearborn’s first holistic, city-wide analysis and discussion on multi-modal transportation. Building on the City’s long history of being a city of innovation, this Multi-Modal Transportation Plan seeks to lay out a vision for a connected transportation network that will accommodate the next generation of people and vehicles- a plan that will serve those who want to walk, bike, ride and drive. While the Plan considers every mode of transportation, it focuses on the modes that have traditionally received less attention including biking, walking, transit and the potential impacts of autonomous vehicles on the transportation system.

The Plan is both visionary and pragmatic with both near-term recommendations and a longterm vision that reflect desires and priorities driven by stakeholder input. Flexibility is built into the plan given the rapidly changing nature of transportation.

Below is a map if the Near-Term Proposed Enhancements and a view of the adopted MMTP

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