2017 By Healthy Dearborn

Leadership & Advisory 

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Healthy Dearborn is led by a volunteer coalition comprised of a diverse community members. Key participants that serve on the steering committee are: 

Resident & Executive Director, Yemeni American Benevolent Association 

Ali Baleed Almaklani

Resident & Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Michigan - Dearborn 

Carmel Price

Coordinator for Affective  Education, Dearborn Public Schools 

Danene Charles

Resident & Coordinator for Sustainability, City of Dearborn 

David Norwood

Vide President, Public Affairs, Authority Health 

Dennis Archamabault 

Resident, Program Coordinator/ Interpretive Naturalist, Environmental Interpretive Center, University of Michigan -Dearborn 

Dorothy McLeer


Glenn Savarese

Resident, Director of Facilities Planning, University of Michigan- Dearborn 

Kathleen Pepin

Resident, District Community Liaison, Dearborn Public Schools

Lila Amen 

Community Engagement Manager, Community Coalition ACCESS

Mona Abdallah-Hijazi 

Resident, Program Supervisor, Natural Areas Manager, Environmental Interpretive Center, University of Michigan - Dearborn 

Richard Simek 

Resident, Para Professional, Dearborn Public Schools 

Sanae Abbas

Resident and President of Southwestern Outer Drive Neighborhood Association (SODA)


Timothy Harrison


Zahra Abbas