Walk n' Roll Jr. Challenge

Walk n' Roll Jr. Challenge is a competition involving students with the Dearborn Public Schools.

Which School will have the Most Students Ride their Bikes and/or Walk to School Every Day …?

Kick-Off Started with 10 Schools: Week of September 13 – 17, 2021

Competition: 6 Weeks
Monday September 20th – Friday October 29th, 2021


Grand Prize: New Bike Raffle

New Bike Rack for Your School (awarded to 2 schools based on need)

Participation Prizes: Water Bottles, Helmets, etc. Raffled

McDonald School Bike Winner

Fall Challenge 2021

Walk n' Roll Jr Challenge: Fall 2021 Culmination Ceremony

Six Week Totals - Fall Challenge 2021

Walk n' Roll Jr Challenge 2021